An Immersive Approach

We believe in connecting people, purpose, and structure. That’s why all of our properties are infused with the unique character and extraordinary spirit of the neighborhoods they serve. Our relentless commitment to authenticity and distinctive placemaking drives us to deliver built environments that engage and inspire, with the power to help shape communities.

Placemaking with Purpose

Human-Scale Projects

We focus on smaller, more intimate properties in carefully selected markets, where our built environments can have a truly memorable impact on all who visit.

Hospitality Expertise

Over two decades of experience in all facets of the hospitality business help inform each and every detail of the environments we create.

Community Connection

Each project is not only inspired by the surrounding community, but also becomes an influential part of it—creating an authentic sense of connection.

Enriching Experiences

We specialize in creating innovative programming that sparks guests to be active participants rather than passive consumers.

It All Starts with a Story

We believe that properties are far more than the sum of their parts. That’s why each project begins with a story–a singular vision that informs every facet of their development. From the architecture to customized programming and services, each detail works in unison to produce settings that maximize engagement and have the power to leave an enduring impact.

Our Services

From ideation to asset management, Local Framework oversees all facets of a development, ensuring integrated and value-driven results throughout the life cycle of each project.







A Network of Knowledge

As part of Palisades Hospitality Group, a full-service hospitality company with more than 35 properties in its portfolio, our clients can tap into a myriad of services ranging from concept design and development to programming and management.

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